Pecanpals creators Noferin portrait

Noferin is a multi-disciplinary creative studio from historic Ballarat, in the beautiful Goldfields District of Victoria, Australia. Since 2005, we've been combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design principles to create beautiful products and tell timeless tales about our much loved character property, Pecanpals®.

Designed from love

Created in 2005 by Candy and Nick Robertson, Pecanpals first appeared in "I miss you already" notes left on empty pillows whilst Nick worked night-shift and Candy studied Design and Visual Communication. To ease the lonely hours of heartbreaking separation, Nick wrote short poems about the characters and urged Candy to illustrate them. Fueled by these funny little poems and occasionally funny paintings, Pecanpals soon gained a cult following. As larger paintings, sculptures, wooden design objects and plush dolls replaced the poems, Candy and Nick began exhibiting in galleries and manufacturing products as Noferin.

Designed to give
Trees equal life. Simple as that. Your noferin.com purchases give funds to plant trees and reforestation initiatives. Help us reach our goal of one million trees! learn more

Designed to care
Mindful choices such as premium plastic-free packaging and using natural materials like beautiful Hevea wood minimises our environmental footprint. Whilst it may be slower, there's something quite wonderful about making things by hand. At Noferin, it all starts with the hand. Comics, prints, sculptures, artworks, it's all hand made. Wood, that's hand made too! Skilled technicians passionate about their craft have left their mark on each and every piece.

Noferin the artists
Born in Hong Kong and New Zealand respectively, and now based in Ballarat, Australia, Candy and Nick Robertson (1984|1985) work collaboratively under the name NOFERIN. Inspired by gaming, animation and pop-culture of the 80s and 90s, their work finds meaning in the richly interconnected world of today. Reacting to the fragility of youth and importance of progressive action, NOFERIN catapults the simple, cartoon-like forms of their Pecanpals characters into a wild, colour-filled world of bold geometric shapes and vivid imagery. Working in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, product design, toys,  printmaking, murals, and immersive installations, NOFERIN uses figurative characters, bold colours and stylised motifs to explore the untamed energy and limitless possibilities of youth. With numerous exhibitions in the USA and Australia, works are held in private and public collections in Canada, the United States, China, England, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Russia, France, and New Zealand.

Artist Statement
As artists, we are driven by the concept of inspiring youth to “Own Your Spectacular!”
We are all born with certain talents. Somewhere along the line, whether by experience or guidance, some talents are strengthened, while others are lost. But what if we could quantify those talents? What if we could expose and explore the millions of individual you-talents before they are lost? What if we could find out what makes you You?
We want to use our art, design and comics to actively engage and inspire today’s youth to act on their own abilities. Push the limits. Try something new. Find yourself and OWN YOUR SPECTACULAR!
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